Sights and places to visit

Tibro is located in the middle of the county Skaraborg and when you stay with us you are close to many fantastic destinations and sights. In addition to everything that can do pleasant Tibro, the nearest and most popular places among our guests are usually Skövde, Hjo and Karlsborg. Many of our guests also find it convenient to stay with us when they e.g. will visit Skara summerland, swim in Lake Vättern, tourist in Mariestad or go for a round on several of the nearby golf courses.

Here we have compiled some tips on destinations and sights that we think you should not miss when you stay at the Hostel Tärnan.


Tibro has a lot to offer with its exuberant association life. Tibro Ishall and Tibro Sports hall are just 300 meters from the hostel. There is also bowling, cinema, mini-zoo, swimming areas, one of Skaraborg’s finest frisbee golf courses and much more. If you get hungry and do not want to cook the food yourself, there are several restaurants and cafes with different offerings. The leisure area in Rankås, which is close to the hostel, was ranked third over Sweden’s best exercise track and is a well-visited area for running, mountain biking, skiing and walking.


Hjo harbor: 15 minutes by car
The timbered city center of Hjo is one of the finest living environments created in Sweden. Today there are only a few left and Hjo is one of them. Hjo offers a peaceful, warm and very beautiful environment by the shores of Lake Vättern.

Around the square and on adjacent streets there are cozy shops and cafes. Also, do not miss the city park and the harbor where you can buy freshly caught smoked fish. Every year, the well-attended Craft Fair is arranged in Hjo.


Skövde center: 15 minutes by car
In Skövde, there are food traditions from all over the world. You will be amazed at how many restaurants, pubs, cafes and other entertainment venues you will find. Skövde is known for its shopping and you will find a large selection of shops. Skövde also offers a little calmer activities such as golf, boules, bowling and flower walks, to pure action at Äventyrsbadet, skiing, Laserdome and go-karting at Kusåsen.


Karlsborg center: 25 minutes by car
Karlsborg is located in a beautiful landscape with exciting nature and several lakes, which provides good conditions for active leisure with sports and outdoor life. There is a lot to see and experience here! The municipality of Karlsborg has a unique history that has left behind beautiful and culturally and historically valuable environments. Karlsborg Fortress, Forsvik’s industrial monuments and Göta Canal are just a few examples.